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Technology to stop distracted driving

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Limit the Risk!

Employees who use mobile phones to text, email, and browse the web while driving are not only a danger to themselves and others on the road, but they also pose a significant liability to their employer. Our Risk Management software gives companies a simple way to promote safe, legal – yet productive – use of mobile phones while driving.

The set up is easy as 1, 2, 3


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Use of mobile phones while driving is a risk; make sure your drivers are concentrating on the road and their journey

“In recent UK articles, a leading insurance company revealed almost 7 million motorists have spoken on their mobiles while driving in the past year.”(Daily Mail 30 Dec 2011)

Employees admit to being distracted by their mobile phones while driving for work. Almost a third of fleet operators have evidence of on-the-job crashes due to mobile phone distractions.

For smaller fleets or passenger car fleets without in-vehicle tracking systems, our device is cost effective and inserted within the vehicle. This 30 second installation is easy and requires no expert or engineer and does not interfere with the vehicles management system. Once installed, the unit automatically connects with the driver’s mobile phone (device) and communicates when the vehicle moves to activate and deactivate safe driving mode.

When employees start to drive, this activates safe mode and enables you to control how they use their mobile phones while driving company vehicles or driving another vehicle on company business. You’re unique web portal, you can set the policy of mobile phone use by preventing and employee from texting, emailing and using certain apps while driving, but still enable them to make and receive hands free phone calls.

You can also change the policy depending on what you have in your fleet by user or vehicle type. You could have a policy that only incoming calls are permitted but outgoing restricted to emergency calls or to a white list only. The variance can be very little to a very comprehensive solution.

While driving in safe mode, the device locks the phone’s screen and prevents access to text, email and browser applications. Inbound text and email alerts are suppressed and a custom reply is automatically sent informing others when the employee is busy driving.

Unlike some other solutions, the CU80 system lets you configure your policies to your own preferences, so you can decide how many or how few of the phones features are available while driving. You can make sure that important client calls get through, but that ‘wrong numbers’ do not.
By introducing the CU80 system to your company, you will be sure that you are demonstrating a duty of care to your employees, stakeholders, directors, insurance bodies and authorities. This will prevent accidents and driver distraction and reduce the risk of serious injury or death to a third party.

Mobile policy management features include:

  • Handsfree – Safety feature recognises safe driving mode and allows calling when Bluetooth™ headset is detected
  • Whitelist – Allowed list of inbound/outbound phone numbers such as supervisor and parents
  • Phone Apps – Use location and mapping applications like Google Maps
  • Highway Mode – Defined cruising time and speed to temporarily stop Devicecontrol protection for a moving vehicle
  • Call Forwarding – Set forward phone numbers to make sure all calls are answered
  • Custom Safety Messages – Manage & customize the on-screen safety message for the mobile device
  • Time of Day/Day of Week – Flexible protection schedule allows for custom enforcement during all hours
  • Safe Override – Security feature notifies administrators on requests to temporarily stop Devicecontrol protection

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Prevent distracted driving and protect your companies reputation and stay compliant with the law

The Truth about Mobile Phone Risk

Facing criminal charges and corporate manslaughter charges is just the tip of the iceberg. For liability purposes, the mobile phone in the hand of your driver is your responsibility, your risk, and your bottom line. The costs of accidents run into £thousands, ten of £thousands for injury and millions for a fatality – This is a Risk you can’t afford.

Studies show that drivers are 23 times more likely to be in a crash if they are texting or emailing while driving. Already 53% of logistics and transport companies admit to vehicle crashes as a result of distractions stemming from employee use of mobile phones while driving.

Mobile Phone Policy Solutions for Different
Types of Commercial Fleets

For logistics fleets equipped with in-vehicle tracking systems, our device and systems can integrate with vehicle Telematics and tracking systems data to accurately enforce mobile phone use policies when employees are driving.

Our system data doesn’t lie, and carrier billing records provide a clear and accurate record of how and when your drivers use their phones while driving – feature phones, smart phones, PDA’s, laptops and tablets. Our system collects this, both call and sms data detailed with appropriate permissions and in accordance with data protection and combines it with vehicle telematics data to produce clear and actionable reports that measure employee use of phones while driving. With a resource of data in hand, fleet operators are now empowered to promote safe, legal and responsible use of mobile phones while driving.

For many years commercial fleets have leveraged telematics systems to track vehicle location, monitor driver behaviour, foster compliance with regulations and optimise overall performance. With our system, the data collected by these telematics systems can be easily leveraged to prevent employee distracted driving and further improve a safe fleet.

There is no lack of evidence to suggest that driver distraction is the leading cause of accidents. But when managing a fleet of drivers, minimising in- vehicle distractions is challenging, especially considering the vehicle is essentially the driver’s office.

A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) revealed that 80% of crashes and 65% of near crashes involve some form of driver distraction occurring within three seconds before the vehicle crash.

Fleet drivers multitasking while driving is on the rise, spurred by the technology devices placed in their vehicles. In terms of the safety risk, one study revealed that drivers who engage in mobile texting spend about 400% more time taking their eyes off the road and are 70% less likely to stay in their lane.

Because of the preventable nature of these accidents, fleet managers rank driver safety among their top two challenges after the cost of fuel. Not only is the potential loss of life a motivating factor, but so is high cost of avoidable accidents.


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CU80 Kills Texts
  • Distractions from mobile phones are factors in over 25% of all accidents

  • The accident rate for teenage driver is 28%

  • The average teen texts over 3,300 times per month – IT’S ADDICTIVE!

  • 26% of driving-age teens have texted while driving and almost half (48%) have been a passenger to a texting driver
Kill Texting b4 Texting Kills U

CU80 saves lives by preventing unauthorised in car in- motion use of mobile phones. Our solution was designed to put you as the parent/guardian in control of your family drivers, particularly teens, do or don’t do while driving. We have given the parent/guardian the ability to configure the system using our simple web management portal and removed a teen’s ability to manage their own policy on their phone.

Although teen-focused educational programs are helpful as part of broader educational initiatives the unfortunate reality is that there is precious little evidence suggesting that such programs actually change teen behaviour.

The good news for insurers is that mobile phone policy controls can be offered in coordination with existing Insurance initiatives.

  • Automatically activates when the vehicle is moving /driving

  • Set forward phone numbers to make sure all calls are answered

  • Manage & customise the on-screen safety message for the mobile device
  • Time of Day / Week - Flexible protection schedule allows for custom enforcement during all hours

    Locks phones keypad and screen and silences all alerts and rings

  • Ensures the use of a hands free device - Safety feature recognises safe driving mode and allows calling when Bluetooth TM headset is detected

  • Always allows you to make a 999 emergency call

  • Eliminates dangerous temptation to text, email or browse while driving

  • Sends an auto reply to calls and texts coming in

  • The Parent/Guardian each time the young driver starts and stops driving or if they dial 999.

CES Award

Please contact us and provide your handset make and model to ensure it is supported:


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