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Technology to stop distracted driving

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CU80 Affiliates & Partner Network Opportunities

partnersCU80 offers a unique opportunity to join our Affiliate & Professional Partner Network. CU80’s aim is to grow the network to form a community that reaches out to every road user to reduce the risk of distracted driving through the use of handheld mobile devices used within a vehicle.

Our vision is to create this community & network. The delivery of this is by working within diverse vertical markets, so we can form strategic business alliances from a variety of differing backgrounds and levels of experience.

The dynamics of our Affiliate & Professional Partner Network is about forging relationships, CU80 understand your relationships create win-win opportunities. This catalyst builds trusted relationships with the customers, while knowing your saving lives.

What we need

Our partners must be able to demonstrate their value to CU80 team; as we require our pool of expertise to grow, so we can offer clients the best of breed in sales and service through product delivery, ultimately ensuring value & total customer satisfaction.

A Partner must be able to demonstrate their business have a strong business culture, as our partners we require a team ethic, because everyone becomes part of the solution. This joint Partner focus is all about the continued delivery of the innovative CU80 solution, so everyone can sustain a competitive advantage as the market place develops.

What we offer

CU80 - The solution to a growing problem


Our Partners will benefit, being supported by a very efficient and structured back office team, who understand the business along with our fully comprehensive technical, research and development team who understand the product & the service.


If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate or Partner please complete our application form we will respond to you shortly. Thank you for taking the time and expressing your interest, we await your application.

CES Award

Please contact us and provide your handset make and model to ensure it is supported:


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