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Technology to stop distracted driving

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CU80 Features

The CU80 device can control and limit as much or as little activity from a mobile device as required by the user, from simply managing or stopping a driver making or receiving calls from their mobile phone to blocking the ability to use an MP3 player or surf the internet on a tablet computer. The control functions of the CU80 device can be set by the user online, via a web based user interface.

CU80 can be configured to allow or enforce calling through a handsfree device, headset or cars audio.

Potential Insurance features of the mobile policy management features include:

  • Automatically activates when the vehicle is moving /driving
  • Set forward phone numbers to make sure all calls are answered
  • Manage & customise the on-screen safety message for the mobile device
  • Time of Day / Week - Flexible protection schedule allows for custom enforcement during all hours
  • Locks phones keypad and screen and silences all alerts and rings
  • Ensures the use of a hands free device - Safety feature recognises safe driving mode and allows calling when Bluetooth TM headset is detected
  • Always allows you to make a 999 emergency call
  • Eliminates dangerous temptation to text, email or browse while driving
  • Sends an auto reply to calls and texts coming in
  • Notifies Parent/Guardian each time the young driver starts and stops driving or if they dial 999.
  • Telematics Driver Behaviour – Speed, Idling, Harsh Braking & Acceleration

The setup is as
easy as 1, 2, 3


General Features
Stops Texting, Emailing, Apps or Web Surfing and other distractions while driving
Blocks only while driving YOUR vehicle(s)
Blocks within a few seconds of vehicle moving
Configurable to allow calling parents while driving
Configurable to allow navigation apps while driving
Configurable to allow music apps while driving
Works on over 1000 different phones and devices
Ability to deliver speed alerts for your vehicle
Can collect mileage for insurers
(if receiving discount)
Proactive alerting and reporting if user tries to disable
Works even if phone does not currently have GPS coverage
Excessive battery drain due to GPS usage
Fleet Specific Features
Reports Mileage of your fleet vehicles 
Reports Idle time of your fleet vehicles
Reports Hash Braking & Acceleration of your fleet vehicles
Reports time of use and who is in your fleet vehicles
Fleet Wide Rollout options (BES, Active Directory, etc)
User groupings for blocking and reporting purposes
Protect Laptops, Handhelds, and Phones all at the SAME TIME

Sample Mobile Phone Policy Setup

Web Portal Administration
Talk • Text • Email • Web Smart Apps

Sample Device Policy 1
Sample Device Policy 2
Sample Device Policy 3
Sample Device Policy 4
Mobile Phone /Talking
Mobile Phone White List & Handsfree
SMS / Texting
Web / Web surfing
Social Media
Smartphone Applications

 Vehicle Data which reflects driver performance is also reported
Mileage – Speed Logs – Speed Alerts – Idle Time – Utilisation Reports

Your current company mobile phone or smart device policy can be replicated using the online web portal  to fully configure and manage at an enterprise level every department, branch, skill set and multiple outlets, devices and applications per vehicle.

Key facts about the CU80 Device
  • It is Europe’s first device that stops motorists using a phone, laptop, tablet computer or MP3 player while driving.

  • The purpose of the CU80 is to help save lives and enable drivers to comply with the law and stop motorists being distracted by mobile devices.

  • The CU80 device is simple to install and plugs in to an easy to locate port below the driver’s steering wheel.

  • It works via a Bluetooth connection which instantly blocks calls and prevents a driver from texting or emailing when their vehicle is in motion.

  • The CU80 device is completely flexible, it can control and limit as much or as little activity from a mobile device as required by the user.
  • The control functions of the CU80 device can be set
    by the user online.

  • The CU80 device has the ability to collect and store information on the vehicles usages such as mileage and speed which can be viewed and downloaded from the web portal.

  • The CU80 device always permits mobile phones to call any permitted number or emergency services - 999.

  • The CU80 device is compatible with almost every type of phone and device.

  • The device can also deliver speed alerts to the web portal to keep track on how fast a car is driving and when.

CES Award

Please contact us and provide your handset make and model to ensure it is supported:


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