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Technology to stop distracted driving

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CU80: The Company

CU80 are a body of individuals that had a common goal to bring a solution to the market place that stops accidents caused by the use of mobile devices in vehicles and helping to save lives.

As advocates of road safety within the UK, CU80 as a collective body wanted to help with the prevention of unnecessary accidents and deaths at the wheel as the result of mobile phone usage.

The CU80 team have a road and driver safety focus, bringing a wealth of experience both nationally and internationally, with careers in the automotive and telematics industries which uncovered the need for an in-car solution to manage driver distraction caused by mobile devices which would ensure drivers drive safely and eliminates the temptation of mobile phones & device issues affecting motorists today.

Working with the development team and stakeholders of Cellcontrol and obdEdge, we are delighted to have established a solus agreement to look after the promotion of the world's leading technology to control the use of a mobile phone and devices within a vehicle. The CU80 device is "powered by Cellcontrol", therefore you are assured that your protection is the best available anywhere in the world. Simply put, CU80 scoured the world before discovering the Cellcontrol technology, which has been proven to be the most accurate, reliable and enforceable solution to stop distracted driving. This highly innovative, award-winning technology has recently won an innovation award at the recent CES show in Las Vegas 2012.

The team are extremely confident that the CU80 device is what’s required to make driving safer in the mobile culture of today.

CES Award

Please contact us and provide your handset make and model to ensure it is supported:


powered by cellcontrol

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